Saturday, April 26, 2008

Malang Indie Band Festival 2008

This month April 2008, Malang, the small town where I live, celebrate its 94th anniversary.

One of the event was the Malang Indie Band Festival (Pesta Band Indie Malang), that took place on Saturday, April 5th, 2008.

120 bands joined the festival, played in 20 stages along one of the main street in Malang.

This festival scheduled to start on 8 am. But due to some reason, i hada chance to go to the festival at 1 pm.

When i arrived most stages was already empty :( and it was only 2 bands left playing. So i take some photos with my pentax mx + pentax 20/4 + ilford delta 400.

Here's some of them. Enjoy.

Rock your baby !!

Guitarist and bassist in action

Local guitar manufacturer's booth

Other band with a lady rocker

The crowd

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Backlighting

Sometimes taking picture in the backlighting situation can be fun

At the restaurant

At my "kampung" or small village

In a hotel lobby

At parking lot

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

At the train station - part 1


- i've got a strong urge to fly
but i've got nowhere to fly to - pink floyd

memang susah
kalau terlalu banyak
yang ingin diungkapkan

untuk mengurai satu persatu
tak tahu harus mulai dari mana
serasa semua mendesak untuk dibuka

kadang terfikir
untuk mengumpulkan semua jadi satu
lalu menuangkannya dalam sepatah dua kata singkat

seringkas peluit kereta api :
kereta segera berangkat, pengantar silakan turun,
mohon mundur dari jalur rel ......

namun ternyata itu juga tidak sederhana


This was on Lawang Station, about 15km from Malang, East Java.

Next 4 photos was taken in Gambir Station, when I went to Jakarta on December 2007.

More about Indonesian Railway and the state railway operator PT Kereta Api Indonesia.
Thanks to Wikipedia.

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